Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Suicide by Cop

"Hello, fellow bloggers, I'm a little behind on my blog, I've been working on my campaign for Governor, there's a lot of details to deal with. An issue that is one of the most  important to me in my campaign and would be part of my platform would be to 'Stop" "The Syndrome, Suicide By Cop"! Too many Veterans and/or the mentally ill or emotionally vulnerable or sucseptable to this. Police should not be allowed to use people , especially people who need psychological help as target practice because they can and aren't properly trained on dealing with people with mental issues, especially in 2014! The statistics  show that this population are targeted and their rights are taken away from them and "The Police" cover it up with this Dad was a Veteran and was killed this way in 1976. His dying went a lot deeper then being killed by the ,San Antonio Police ,but that's the term used to sweep everything under the rug! I will state that there are good police officers, it's a shame that their overshadowed by the corrupt ones! We can't expect people to respect an agency that's suppose to uphold the law when they themselves ( not all of them) are involved in the same illegal activities there arresting and help prosecuting civilians for! As I stated before, there are upright, honest police officers ,I personally have met some but I have had too many encounters with ones who weren't, that must change!

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