Friday, July 4, 2014

"Fourth of July" 2014

Hello, fellow bloggers. I'm sitting here on my porch enjoying the outdoors watching my chickens and cats and the breeze I get because I live on a hill off 183 in Austin. I just finished watching the movie "Born on the Fourth of July" and it reminds me of the reason that I'm standing up for my right to run for Governor of Texas. Not for personal gain, but to fight politically for the things I believe in such as the legalization of marijuana in Texas and Nationwide. Peoples legal  right to be euthanized, a  better education system in Texas, much better and fairer treatment of the mentally ill and/or veterans under the Disabilities Act and their basic Human Rights. I want to focus on working on the eco system, because it makes since that if we don't have water i.e., a barren waste land, then we don't have anything. We also need to support the arts which will help to better educate our children. It has been proven that children that have learned music etc., do better in their overall studies, especially math because you have to learn counting in music. We have to support our military without letting "thoughtless" , "selfish", " "mindless" politicians giving orders and starting wars for their own personal gain(s)! I  will go back to Legalizing Marijuana again which I believe could solve a lot of problems by a.) helping farmers to have a  crop to grow if their crop goes bad b.) help cut down on the backlogged cases in the court system because of "weed" cases and free police officers to spend time on dangerous crimes. Also it would free up the prison system of non-violent inmates and save tax payers millions of  dollars. c.)Also legalizing marijuana might cut down on some of  "the Power" of the Drug Cartel" with less money getting in their pockets and that money can go into the United States Treasury in the form of taxes.d.) of course it needs to be legalized for medicinal reasons for people who suffer with parkinsons, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Cancer, Arthritis, Eating Problems, etc. Marijuana and Hemp together can and could truly make a significant influence on our nations economy to include creating makes common sense!  Have A Happy Fourth Of JULY...Please Vote for Me Nov. 5th  God Bless America!!!  Sarah  M. Pavitt

Monday, June 23, 2014

Hillary Clintons Book Signing and Talk


 Hello, fellow bloggers, I'm back. I had an adventurous Friday the 20th , I went to the book signing of Hillary Clintons new book "Hard Choices" at "Book People "in Austin Texas. Then I later went to "The Long  Center" to hear her speak on her book and about being Secretary of State and her family. She is definitely preparing to run for President of the United States, she had campaign items i.e., pins, posters, and had people sign up to volunteer for her campaign. Hillary also gave good advice for someone who's in office, a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt stated "You have to grow skin like a rhinoceros   and someone else said take criticism seriously, but not personally"!

See Article in Austin American Statesman

Thursday, June 19, 2014


"Hello, fellow bloggers, I'm back blogging. I've been busy finishing with getting things done for my campaign like getting campaign cards, (like business cards) made, getting my "password' from The Ethics Commission" which is for the Treasury position which keeps up with a campaigns funds.

A topic I haven't spoken of yet that is close to my heart because my mother had and died from the complications of Parkinson's. Is this state allowing an individuals right to euthanasia when they're  incapacitated or will be incapacitated to the point of being a physical and/or mental vegetable and they  no longer want to live. Or at the point that they feel their life , because of their disease has made them feel,their time has come.

My mother died a slow, paralyzing death that took her dignity, her speech, her physical ability to walk, move, she was curled up in a fetal position with tubes coming out of her. I wish she had that chose and the chose to legalized Marijuana to ease some of her suffering. If  I get Parkinson's, no greedy, uncaring, sanctimonious politician is going to make me suffer like my Mom did. Citizens of this state must stand up for what they believe and not let the rich politicians with their lobbyists and their Corperations in their pockets and vice versa and back street or fancy restaurant dirty deals run this state. My ancestors, 6 generations are rolling over in their graves over what Texas has become and what it represents and it's not suppose to represent a bunch of chauvinistic pig, good old boys, etc.! Texas is suppose to represent diversity and people working together. We have Six Flags over Texas, I'm proud of all of them because they all represent a part of what Texas is"!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Suicide by Cop

"Hello, fellow bloggers, I'm a little behind on my blog, I've been working on my campaign for Governor, there's a lot of details to deal with. An issue that is one of the most  important to me in my campaign and would be part of my platform would be to 'Stop" "The Syndrome, Suicide By Cop"! Too many Veterans and/or the mentally ill or emotionally vulnerable or sucseptable to this. Police should not be allowed to use people , especially people who need psychological help as target practice because they can and aren't properly trained on dealing with people with mental issues, especially in 2014! The statistics  show that this population are targeted and their rights are taken away from them and "The Police" cover it up with this Dad was a Veteran and was killed this way in 1976. His dying went a lot deeper then being killed by the ,San Antonio Police ,but that's the term used to sweep everything under the rug! I will state that there are good police officers, it's a shame that their overshadowed by the corrupt ones! We can't expect people to respect an agency that's suppose to uphold the law when they themselves ( not all of them) are involved in the same illegal activities there arresting and help prosecuting civilians for! As I stated before, there are upright, honest police officers ,I personally have met some but I have had too many encounters with ones who weren't, that must change!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

C.P.S, Education, Legalization of Marijuana

"Hello, fellow bloggers, I'm back. I went to church this morning. I belong to a very nice Mennonite church with very genuine, good Christine people. You can't always find that. By the way, it's Sun. 1st June 2014 and I wanted to continue writing about my  "platform' for Governor of Texas" and what's important to me and I'm sure a lot of people in Texas". "I want to stop the abuse of the disabled, physical and mental. The abuse of the elderly and of course children, especially when their used as "ponds" in a custody battle". ""Education is very important to me because ignorance breeds ignorance." "We can't have a country that says it's a leading power in the world when it's not....we're not educating our youth, we're not feeding them, we're not giving them moral support, we push alcohol then lie about Marijuana and "The Drug Cartel" is already here." "Stop the hypocrisy and we might have half a chance. There's too much lying and spinning and young people are tainted before they get out of elementary school." "I will finish later with my blog, I have chores to do...signing off for now Sarah.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Putting in my Bid For Governor of Texas

"I'm Sarah M. Pavitt, and on Monday, June 2nd 2014 I plan to put in my "Bid" for Governor of Texas"! "My experience is a.) life experience, I've been in the U.S. Army, worked for 20 years; been through a lot of intense/ interpersonal relationships; I 've been through a lot of tough life experiences, some I wouldn't want to wish on anyone"! "b.)I volunteered for Congressman Chet Edwards through three campaigns in Mclennan county c.) I volunteered for Lloyd Dogget approx. two years ago and he won. d.)I just recently volunteered for Wendy Davis for a few months, who is running for Governor of Texas"!   "My platform for running for Governor is very unorthodox but I'm not trying to run to get political kickbacks,etc.'1 .)"I first want to run to legalize Marijuana for medicinal and recreational use in Texas." 2) I want to make our environment a priority( ,i.e.,through protecting it and through conservation, but I also think "legalizing Marijuana'" can play a large roll in achieving that goal "!  3.)If  we don't have water, we don't have anything...Riverside,California, just in January used the aid of "American Indians"  in trying to and/or did produce rain'!  )   "I will continue my "Blog", but I wanted to get this out so people will know that I'm serious." "I have several more issues to cover, but I have chickens I need to check."    "I'll be back soon". .. note....Disclaimer ,anything I state refers to me only and to no one else. I'm making no reference to anyone in any of my statements unless I specifically state their name."