Thursday, June 19, 2014


"Hello, fellow bloggers, I'm back blogging. I've been busy finishing with getting things done for my campaign like getting campaign cards, (like business cards) made, getting my "password' from The Ethics Commission" which is for the Treasury position which keeps up with a campaigns funds.

A topic I haven't spoken of yet that is close to my heart because my mother had and died from the complications of Parkinson's. Is this state allowing an individuals right to euthanasia when they're  incapacitated or will be incapacitated to the point of being a physical and/or mental vegetable and they  no longer want to live. Or at the point that they feel their life , because of their disease has made them feel,their time has come.

My mother died a slow, paralyzing death that took her dignity, her speech, her physical ability to walk, move, she was curled up in a fetal position with tubes coming out of her. I wish she had that chose and the chose to legalized Marijuana to ease some of her suffering. If  I get Parkinson's, no greedy, uncaring, sanctimonious politician is going to make me suffer like my Mom did. Citizens of this state must stand up for what they believe and not let the rich politicians with their lobbyists and their Corperations in their pockets and vice versa and back street or fancy restaurant dirty deals run this state. My ancestors, 6 generations are rolling over in their graves over what Texas has become and what it represents and it's not suppose to represent a bunch of chauvinistic pig, good old boys, etc.! Texas is suppose to represent diversity and people working together. We have Six Flags over Texas, I'm proud of all of them because they all represent a part of what Texas is"!

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