Friday, July 4, 2014

"Fourth of July" 2014

Hello, fellow bloggers. I'm sitting here on my porch enjoying the outdoors watching my chickens and cats and the breeze I get because I live on a hill off 183 in Austin. I just finished watching the movie "Born on the Fourth of July" and it reminds me of the reason that I'm standing up for my right to run for Governor of Texas. Not for personal gain, but to fight politically for the things I believe in such as the legalization of marijuana in Texas and Nationwide. Peoples legal  right to be euthanized, a  better education system in Texas, much better and fairer treatment of the mentally ill and/or veterans under the Disabilities Act and their basic Human Rights. I want to focus on working on the eco system, because it makes since that if we don't have water i.e., a barren waste land, then we don't have anything. We also need to support the arts which will help to better educate our children. It has been proven that children that have learned music etc., do better in their overall studies, especially math because you have to learn counting in music. We have to support our military without letting "thoughtless" , "selfish", " "mindless" politicians giving orders and starting wars for their own personal gain(s)! I  will go back to Legalizing Marijuana again which I believe could solve a lot of problems by a.) helping farmers to have a  crop to grow if their crop goes bad b.) help cut down on the backlogged cases in the court system because of "weed" cases and free police officers to spend time on dangerous crimes. Also it would free up the prison system of non-violent inmates and save tax payers millions of  dollars. c.)Also legalizing marijuana might cut down on some of  "the Power" of the Drug Cartel" with less money getting in their pockets and that money can go into the United States Treasury in the form of taxes.d.) of course it needs to be legalized for medicinal reasons for people who suffer with parkinsons, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder, Cancer, Arthritis, Eating Problems, etc. Marijuana and Hemp together can and could truly make a significant influence on our nations economy to include creating makes common sense!  Have A Happy Fourth Of JULY...Please Vote for Me Nov. 5th  God Bless America!!!  Sarah  M. Pavitt